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Dental implants may secure loose dentures, replace missing teeth and return your smile to you. It is definitely a great time for you to smile, with the immediate financing that is available.

We have dental offices located in Queens and across the NYC area that can help to improve the quality of your life and smile through stabilizing loose dentures or replacing missing teeth with dental implants.


The experienced doctors on our staff are among the finest within their field. They have received training all around the world in order for their dental implant procedures to be perfected.


Our dental lab, surgeons and dentists are all in one location, which means that the cost savings and efficiency can be passed on and given to you.


Financing is readily available with institutions that specifically work with us so that you can immediately get started.

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What are dental implants?

Replace One Missing Tooth

Single Tooth Implants

When one tooth has been lost due to periodontal disease or an accident, you can easily get one tooth replaced through the use of a single dental implant. The new tooth will function and look just like all of your other natural teeth do.

Replace Multiple Teeth

Multiple Implants

A patient will occasionally be missing multiple teeth, but still have healthy surrounding teeth and gums. Several fixtures will be implant and crowns will be attached, while other natural teeth will be left intact.

Replace Messy And Old Dentures

Four Ever Smile

For those patients who need to replace a full lower and/or upper set of teeth they can now get Four Ever Smile implants. What we do is place 4 to 6 implants and an entire arch of teeth is then attached. The avoids needing to have uncomfortable dentures, keeps your jaw healthy and stabilizes bone levels.

Through combining the expertise and experience of our dental teams, our affordable financing options and convenience of our dental lab and specialists being at one locations, you leaving with a big smile on your face is guaranteed.

Dental implant benefits

Best Natural Teeth Alternative

If for any reason you happen to lose a tooth, then the best alternative to having natural teeth are dental implants. Dental implants are cable of restoring lost teeth so that they look like natural teeth, and they also function and feel like natural teeth also. Unfortunately, some less permanent options such as dental bridges or dentures may result in more bone deterioration and might interfere with being able to eat, smile or speak normally.

Long-Term Solution

There is another important benefit provided by getting a dental implant which is that it is a long-term benefit that is intended to last. Since dental implants are intended to last for a long time, then they will be a good long-term solution and you won’t need to worry about it for many years. Your bridges at some point are going to have to be replaced. Due to how frequently they need to be replaced, over time time the total cost will likely add up. With dental implants, over time only adjustments are needed which means they can be a much more convenient and affordable option for you to consider.

Normal Look And Function

Since a dental implant has been designed to function and look like a natural tooth, you will be able to fully enjoy life without needing to worry about your teeth or tooth. You won’t need to worry about eating certain foods or any of your teeth looking different since dental implant(s) will provide you with the same function and look that your natural teeth do.

The Natural Shape Of Your Face Is Maintained

Another important benefit provided by dental implants is being able to retain the natural shape of your smile and face. A face with missing teeth will likely look much different or droop. When dental implants are in place it helps to keep your face in its normal shape.

Protects Your Bone

When you lose a tooth it not only affects your smile’s aesthetic and the shape of your face, it may also cause your bones to be exposed to additional problems as well. When empty spaces are left inside of your mouth after you lose a tooth it may result in other health problems developing, including your jawbone deteriorating. When your jawbone isn’t used for keeping bone in place, then it starts to deteriorate on its own and may cause serious problems. An implant may help with stimulating natural bone growth and function and also help to prevent bone loss simultaneously. Therefore, it is a great way of keeping your dental health under control and avoid having long-term and expensive problems.

Natural Teeth Are Protected

One major benefits offered by dental implants is that they are able to protect any other natural teeth you may have. For a bridge to be placed, a dentist would need to grind away at some of your healthy teeth surrounding your missing tooth. Since modifications need to be made to teeth in order to attach to a bridge, it may cause damage to healthy and natural teeth. However, when a dental implant is used instead, you don’t have to alter or damage your healthy and natural teeth in any way. The implant can be affixed to your jawbone, and that will avoid having to damage any health teeth. In addition, it can help you avoid our teeth moving positions and help to prevent your teeth from doing any shifting.

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