Attention All Nassau County Residents Looking for First-Rate Dental Implant Service

Dental implants are the hi-tech solution to the common condition of missing teeth from injury and other. With immediate financing available, we could have your smile perfected by Christmas.

We have well-equipped dental offices in downtown Nassau County and all throughout the Long Island area. These dedicated health centers are at the ready to perform a superb dental work to replace your teeth and restore your total oral function.


Our qualified dental practitioners are among the best in their fields and industries. They have come from the finest training centers on the planet to practice right here in the greatest city on the planet.


With an entire functioning staff of surgeons and dentists as well as the support of a fully-functional lab and operating center, the efficiency is maximized and we pass these savings right on to our valuable patients.


Financing is a reality and can be available to you through the various financial institutions we works with. If you are looking for a financial boost on your dental work, call us today to hear about our advantageous options. For a Complimentary Consultation, call 516-726-1413

What are dental implants?


Implants for a single tooth are perfect for those teeth lost due to injuries or periodontal disease. All that is needed is a single implant and the perfect tooth replica on which it will stand. Your new tooth will work just like the real deal and look completely authentic as well.


There will be times that a whole string of teeth or teeth in various locations need to be replaced or re-installed. As long as the gums and bone structure is good this can be done with a few implant and crowns in the right places. The natural teeth are all left intact and new teeth supported through simplistic solutions.


Some people will need a full replacement to upper and lower teeth and can now take advantage of the latest Four Ever Smile implants. With only 4 to 6 implant we can create a complete arch of upper and lower teeth. This will allow the bone wear to be stabilized and even across the entire mouth. Best of all it feels just like real teeth as opposed to those uncomfortable dentures.

By combining all the skills and needed aspects of our team of surgeon’s dentists and technicians, we offer unparalleled convenience and professionalisms. We guarantee you will love your results.

The benefits of dental implants

There are also some very important benefits that this dental procedure provides to your health and life.

If you have lost a tooth for any reason, a dental implant is the very best solution. A dental implant is a perfectly suitable replacement for a real tooth right down to the replacement root. Its function is 100% authentic. Dentures and bridges do not have these advantages and can lead to bone deterioration and can even affect the capacity to smile, speak and eat like you are accustomed to.

Long-Term Solution

Another benefit to this solution is that it is meant to last and is a solution that will endure well in the future. Traditional dental bridges are only meant to last for a few years and will need to be replaced at some point. On the other hand, your dental implants are a solution for life and the tough titanium plugs inserted into the bone are not going to need replacements ever.

Normal Function and Look

Because the appearance and function of your new teeth will be completely normal, you will be able to continue with your life without worrying about what you can or can’t eat, drink and bite. There will be no need to wonder what your teeth are looking like as they will be completely like your original teeth.

Keep Your Natural Face Shape

Another important benefit of having a good set of implants for your replacement teeth is that they will retain your face shape and keep you from the shrinking and shriveling that comes with bone atrophy. A face that is toothless can easily lose its structure and begin to droop in an uncomely way. Dental implants avoid this atrophy and keep the bones of the face in tact.

Protects Your Bone

Losing a tooth is an unfortunate issue, but some may think the complications are restricted to difficulty chewing. A bone without a tooth is subject to severe deterioration. When the bone is not being used to hold the tooth it will be worn away and this can eventually pose many more problems. An implant stimulates the bones natural shape and function and allows this deterioration to be effectively avoided.

Protect Natural Teeth.

Perhaps the most important reason a dental implant is an important part of a healthy smile is that a healthy tooth protects and strengthens the teeth around it. One missing tooth invariably leads to more missing teeth as these can become weaker. A dental implant allows you to replace teeth that are missing without damaging any of the other teeth in the vicinity. You will have new teeth that are affixed to the jawbone itself as they should be as opposed to sitting on a bridge. Finally, this can also keep you from the worst of shifting teeth positions and other unfortunate damage.